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Christèle Correas


Pharmacist – Naturopath

Christèle Correas, a pharmacist with a degree from the University of Tours and a passion for natural medicine, stands out for her holistic therapeutic approach. Founder of the Institut de Formation Continue des Thérapeutes (IFCT) in Switzerland, Christèle recognises the crucial importance of immunoregulation in treating infectious diseases and their potentially serious consequences, such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases and certain cancers.

His day-to-day practice highlights the importance of diagnosing and monitoring persistent viruses such as EBV, combining atypical symptoms with targeted blood tests for an informed diagnostic approach. In the face of mononucleosis and EBV reactivation, she proposes natural, non-toxic treatments, highlighting micro-immunotherapy and micronutrition to strengthen the immune system without compromising its defence capabilities.

Christèle Correas is a strong voice for EBV awareness, supporting the DetectEBV initiative as a bridge between therapists and patients. She encourages people suffering from EBV-related complications to seek integrative and personalised care, arguing that the best solutions often lie in naturopathy. Her commitment to EBV awareness and education highlights her dedication to improving the overall health and well-being of patients.