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Dr. Camille Besch


Specialising in periodontology and implantology

Dr Camille Besch offers in-depth expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions linked to EBV and other oral pathogens. Using a methodical approach that includes history-taking, clinical and radiological examinations, and careful evaluation of oral biofilm using phase contrast microscopy, Dr. Camille Besch establishes personalised treatment strategies. He highlights the importance of the interaction between EBV and Porphyromonas gingivalis, demonstrating their potential role in the development of cardiovascular disease. Working closely with analysis laboratories and treating physicians, he establishes links between oral pathogens and blood indicators, reinforcing the need for integrated management. Depending on the case, Dr Camille Besch recommends a treatment combining antivirals and micro-immunotherapy, aimed at reducing the chemical impact while effectively targeting EBV. Her commitment to raising global awareness of the links between oral and overall health marks her significant contribution to the field of periodontology and integrative health.

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