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Dr. Dominique LUZI


General practitioner. Former assistant and hospital practitioner in emergency and general medicine.

I’ve been interested in EBV for many years now and have already helped many patients… who are mainly female patients! I’m trained in micro-immunotherapy, but my treatment is holistic (phytotherapy, nutrition, micronutrition, mycotherapy).

As a former sportsman, I specialised in treating pain in the musculoskeletal system, first in sportsmen and women and then in the general population: I have a degree in musculoskeletal system pathology, a degree in osteopathy, training in posturology, auriculotherapy, phyto-gemotherapy, aromatherapy and micro-immunotherapy. I was a member of the medical staff of the French athletics teams and trained a professional football team for 3 years.

I did a thesis on post-renal transplant lymphoproliferative syndromes, or the role of the immune system and the immunosuppression caused by graft rejection, leading to the activation of ‘dormant’ viruses, infections and sometimes even malignant transformations. By specifically treating patients with musculoskeletal pain, I sought to provide them with alternative solutions. I saw patients with atypical pain patterns (fibromyalgia, etc.) and chronic fatigue associated with pain, and I began to look for viral reactivation when treating them.

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