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EBV, a virus that stays with us for life

Learning to live together and finding a better quality of life

virus persistant et reactivable

A persistent and reactivatable virus

With EBV, it’s a life-long story! Understanding its nature, identifying the symptoms and the conditions that can trigger its reactivation can be useful!

Finding the right support

The most important thing about EBV is to be properly supported: find the right health professional to avoid the pitfalls of diagnostic delays.

trouver le bon accompagnement

EBV testimonials

Knowing that you are not alone is already a great help! Read the stories of those who have decided to speak out to bring this virus out of the shadows.

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Share your experience and speak out.

Changing EBV

Making EBV screening part of routine medical testings.

Let's show what EBV is really like with your stories